Ali's long scarf

Ali exercises with us in Laurie's Gyrotonic studio in Brighton. She is a multi talented actress who spends time training, teaching, and working as....
I have asked her to help me develop the Kimono to Dress website in return for a kimono scarf that I made. She liked the fabric of my own scarf and I made it very long as requested. Lining is in Habotai silk.



Laura’ dress

Laura writes: I have always expressed myself through my appearance. Style is an art form if you have the courage to let it be. A reason to be bullied at school, I have managed, over time and through many confidence collapses, to turn this accidental art of mine into a profession! I think Mariko and I were meant to connect, as we are definitely kindred spirits in this respect!

My style is inspired by bondage and fetish, Gothicism, Victoriana, Geisha, the supernatural, the 1920s, high fashion and...butterflies! I'm a musician, and my logo is a black butterfly. I play live wearing the big black wings I made! My favourite colour is black, second favourite gold. I rarely wear any other colours.

When Mariko said she was making this dress for me, I was so humbled. I think one of the greatest honours is to inspire creativity in another. It was a pleasure to see the development of her initial idea into a final design we both love. I love the dress because it combines the classic (beautiful kimono fabric, 1920s tailoring) with the unconventional (the risqué short hem and the low neck - my influence, of course!)

She is a talented singer-song writer as well as model in fashion and art world. Highly active in Brighton and London.
Let me show you how she is wearing the kimono I've given her. Also go to 'What's new' page where she is showing off my first kimono dress.