Proudly present my finished garments…

blu fblu The blue dress was made from kimono fabric that was roughly sewn into kimono – KARINUI. It is like western costume term TOILE. As it wasn’t made into wearable kimono the fabric remais clean and unworn. Easy to unpick and wash. This fabric was meant to be a FURISODE, which is worn on top of under-garment, hence this elaborate design and the silk is robust.

red fredIt has taken me a few years to finish this light jacket/dress. It was a very old UCHIKAKE kimono. the background colour should have been off white, however due to its age it was discolooured to almost beige that attracted me when purchasing. UCHIKAKE is worn on top of layers of undergarment on the wedding. I show you below how similar kimono is like if newer:


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