Laura’s dress


Laura Noir, my friendI

I finally finished it! It has taken me a good few months since I started.

I met Laura a few years ago in the local gym. We are both keen swimmers and while getting dressed after the swim we used to talk about dresses we are making and our future dreams. She is English, in her 20’s, slim built and tall with fair smooth skin and dark hair. She is very particular about what she likes and wears. She likes colours black and gold. Well, are there any kimonos in these colours? At first I thought No. Then remembered I DID buy a Michiyuki (light kimono jacket/coat) in black silk with woven patterns in gold and other colours. I bought it from Japan ( online, hoping I could make some accessories for special occasions.

Bingo! She liked the fabric which made me decide to make my first dress for her. I have been making a few for my own use but sewing for a friend is more challenging. It was really for me to MAKE not for her to WEAR. Sorry Laura! Or, she may be relieved knowing she doesn’t have to wear it. No matter, here are some photos which she happily posed for me in THE dress. I have changed the design in the course of making due to the amount of fabric available from the original Michiyuki jacket.


Original Michiyuki (kimono jacket/coat)


Laura showing back of the dress


Laura with her boots


Detail of the fabric. Main fabric is in silk, lame threads are woven in


back view


front view

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