Kimono Jackets

There are a few styles of kimono jackets and I would like to show one of them which is called HAORI, very elegant and sleek to my taste. We can have it long or short, colourful or otherwise and enjoy combination with what you wear underneath as your main garment such as dress, kimono, etc.

To purchase it may be difficult as each kimono (jackets incuded) is made by hand and is in different size. It is not mass produced in Japan. I love using vintage or old kimonos. Japanese people are not familiar with second hand clothes and many are exported to US and Europe from Japan. Or, if you visit Japan you will see a few kimono shops selling old ones cheap. Of course new kimonos are still being produced in Japan.

For those who would like to buy or have it remade one I can help source it for the required size, colour, etc, either in Japan or in the UK. I have one supplier in each country and they are both reliable. Most difficult step is for you to decide what to wear with it. Consult your friends and family who know you well and of course I can give you my honest opinion, too.
These photos are copies from magazines for reference.


Long Haori


Long kimono jacket (remade)


Short kiomono jacket (remade)

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