I made a kimono!

Kate was my first VICTIM for a handmade kimono by me. She showed a keen interest when I showed her my purchase (kimono) in the Gyro studio. Of course i had to ask if she would like one made to measure. A kimono to wear as a gown.. (See Photo A)

To make a kimono has been one of my projects. Of course a handmade kimono will be difficult to wear in the UK, however, what I wanted was to make either a kimono jacket or kimono night gown. Sewing by hand will be far too time consuming and I thoght of using sewing machine partially. Kate has never worn kimono before and I thought of using Karinui fabric, rather than unpicking second hand kimono. Karinui is roughly stiched up kimono, fabric already cut and ready to try on. The online shop from Japan that I regularly use had quite a few of them and I picked some for Kate to choose before I purchased.(See Photo B)

The fabric used was meant to be for Houmongi, special occasion kimono, and was in rather heavy weight silk. The stitches by sewing machine were able to keep the seam lines straight and taut. Howeer, the lining silk fabric that was taken off from a second hand kimono couldn’t hold the machine stiches very well, so it was sewn by habd. The beauty of kimono, one of its characteristics, is the use of colour edges in the lining fabric. A peeking of contrasting colour by the main fanric, especially around wrist and front closing area, is a gem. (See Photo C)


A. Kate in kimono gown


B. Karinui Houmongi Kimono


C. Kate in kimono gown with lining showing




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