Aspiration 1

stripeJ stripeJLI was thinking about making a light weight coat, loose fit for layered garments underneath, for coming warmer weather. I was browsing Jeannie’s web site,, and found her Blanket Coat in the free pattern offer page. The design was very close to what I had in mind and decided to have a go at it. Hence the blog title ‘aspire’.

I have a similarly loose fit woolen coat in light grey which usually receives a compliment when I wear. It goes well with my light grey hair, so I looked for some kind of grey again. What I chose here is striped wool and linen mix suiting fabric. It is very light in weight and has slippery texture. I wanted to add lining to this coat to have a collar showing bright colourful patterns. As it happened it can be worn reversed.

kimonoJkimonoJLWhile sewing I had an idea: what it would look in kimono fabric? I had a silk/viscose or polyester mix kimono in Chirimen-like texture. Dull dark pink and white colours seem to go well with my hair, so I decided to have a go for the second time. It was very hard for me to decide on the contrast colour for the collar. I visited John Lewis, Liberty’s and Berwick Street in London. I was so surprised these shops had decreased the space so much for selling fabrics. Rather disappointed I gave in to purchase rather expensive taffeta. I loved the colour. It will give an accent for the soft flowering-like coat, I hope. And to my rather sleepy face! The rest of the lining is from the light silk kimono. It will not be worn reversed.

Now looking at my stock kimonos I am inspired to make more of this by changing pockets or length of the coat, etc. I aspire to sew forever! Thank you Jeannie for inspiration and here is the link to her web page.

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