About ‘Kimono to Dress’

Kimono to Dress is for Kimono lovers. Here you’ll find an amalgamation of people who want to celebrate, enjoy and share their love of everything about the Kimono.

I am Mariko Miura-Dawson and am Japanese. My passion for the kimono began as a young woman when I left Japan. I grew up in a family where kimonos were worn occasionally.

Since leaving Japan, my love of the vibrant colour, varied textures and versatile fabrics has continued to grow. I love the original patterns of traditional kimonos which are all so different. I continue to be intrigued by the potential to work with the fabric from kimonos which are all constructed from the same design; an intricate series of rectangles!

Everyone represented in this website has a passion for the kimono and for preserving the beautiful fabrics from which they are made by recycling them to ensure they continue to be both used and appreciated.

We all want them to continue to be enjoyed in a western environment where they transformed into something practical and easy to wear. YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO WEAR A KIMONO, IT’S NOT EASY!